Poisedon is a classic traditional billiards table constructed using the most advanced technologies and systems ensuring level playing and durability. It notably has been used as an official playing table used during a world championship tournament for Russian Pyramid. As with all of our traditional tables, Poseidon can be manufactured in any size table from 6-12 foot to suit your billiard needs and customize for American Pool, Russian Pyramid, Snooker, and Carom. What distinguishes Poseidon from other tables in our Traditional collection is how customizable the features of the table design are. If you wish to alter the look of our standard Poseidon model below, you may use our Table Builder. Also, you may view a variety of custom versions below.

Choose a Felt Color

After choosing your table, you are free to select any felt color you want. The felts we use is professional grade playing cloth.

Felt Color Options

Design Your Own Table...

If your own custom table is what you desire, we are happy to walk you through the process. Feel free to modify colors of existing designs or we offer bespoke tables that you can design from scratch using our online Table Builder tool and with our assistance should you need it.