We offer a selection of sleek cue stands as well as accessories kits, balls and cues to meet all of your billiards needs. The cue stands are in-house designs created specifically to complement modern convertible pool tables and our designer collection custom pool tables, but they look amazing in any game room. The accessories kits, balls, and cue sticks are curated collections we offer for your convenience. Because of our close relationship with Aramith® and other billiards accessories companies, we are able to offer you these options at below-standard retail cost.

In addition to the accessories below we offer a Basic Starter Kit for a pool that is our most economical option for home use. This kit is generic and comes with all of the basic supplies you need to play pool for less than the premium kits below. Please contact us for pricing and with any questions.

Stone Ball Set

These balls seem to come from the Flintstone age and give another very attractive dimension to your home billiard table.

Pool balls - Size: 57.2 mm (2 1/4")

Camouflage Ball Set

The Aramith Camouflage set features a beautiful up-to-date camo design and belongs to the Aramith Novelty Add-Ons range.

Pool balls - Size: 57.2 mm (2 1/4")

Pyramid Ball Set

These Aramith® balls are sized according to official Russian Pyramid regulations. The quality is exceptional and perfect for serious players.

Pool balls - Size: 68 mm (2 5/8")

Premium Ball Set

This Aramith® set is a top of line and is perfect for home use.  It is difficult to distinguish the playing power of these balls from that of a Pro Sets.

Pool balls - Size: 57.2 mm (2 1/4")

Tournament Ball Set

The Aramith Tournament set features a Duramith™ technology with its hi-tech engineered molecular structure. Official ball set for the professional game.

Pool balls - Size: 57.2 mm (2 1/4")

Aramith Black Set

The Aramith Tournament 'BLACK' set combines the very best of pool ball quality with an innovative, trendy, and groundbreaking "black" design.

Pool balls - Size: 57.2 mm (2 1/4")

Professional Cues for Pool, Russian Pyramid and Snooker

We work with the largest supplier of pool cues in the United States. We are able to offer you the cues at a discounted rate. If you are interested in a pool cue, please visit here. If you have analysis paralysis, give us a call and we'll help you decide which cue to choose. We also have a large selection of Russian Pyramid cues available. Please contact us for pricing.