The Senator billiard table is an incredible combination of raw power and elegance. With its three-layer hardwood and metal frame, the highest quality Italian slate, and professional cushion rubber and tournament-quality cloth, this model truly is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Its massive hardwood legs and rich, red stain and sparkling mirror-like glossy finish create a sense of nobility with the table. Senator is available in any size from 6ft to 12 ft.

Some of the key features of the construction of the Senator are:

  • a massive three-layer hardwood frame that signifies stability.
  • the colossal hardwood legs, steel bars, and solid metal system which guarantee the rigidity of the frame and connects the frame and leg into an inseparable unit.
  • the automated machine-glued, highest grade cushion rubber which ensures a consistent best rebound every time the ball strikes the cushion.
  • the use of top-of-the-line Simonis or Milliken billiard cloth. These names guarantee a perfect playing surface and provide precision and an optimum balance of speed and control. This billiard cloth also maintains its play characteristics for longer than any other premium cloth due to its high durability and resistance to ball marks, tears, holes, and bruises.
  • the original Italian slate – considered the best slate to use by all the manufacturers of the premium billiard tables because it absorbs water better than any other type. Therefore, there are fewer problems with dampness or humidity affecting the cloth. Each set of slate has been tested and shown as 100% guaranteed to be defect-free.

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Choose Your Felt Color

All of our tables come with professional grade Simonis Cloth or Championship Cloth felt.