Pyramid Billiards Balls ‘ARAMITH PREMIER’

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Brand: Aramith
MPN: AR1091

Billiards Balls ‘ARAMITH PREMIER’


Size: Ø68MM

Aramith Premier ball set is made of phenol-aldehyde resin produced by the Belgian company Saluc SA, the world leader in the billiard ball industry. The set consists of 15 numbered balls and a cue ball, standard size for a Russian Pyramid - 68 mm. The Premier kit is a compromise option that satisfies the needs of demanding and knowledgeable users at a minimal price.
Most often, Aramith Premier can be found as club balls in mid-price sports-oriented billiard clubs. This is the best recommendation, indicating a balance between price and technology that ensures longevity of use.
Aramith Premier balls are made from high-tech phenolic resin and undergo multi-stage quality control across a range of parameters: their density, uniformity, diameter and roundness, weight, and elasticity, as well as image quality and surface polishing.

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