'Wilderness' is a magnificently hand-crafted solid pine rustic log pool table and the most artistic and wild of our entire collection. It is available in sizes ranging from 6 ft to 12 ft. It can be customized for American Pool, Russian Pyramid, Snooker, and Carom. Below are key features detailing the superior quality and craftsmanship committed to the creation of this table.

  • The pockets are decorated with handmade wraps of natural leather, and common cotton nets are replaced by sturdier leather ones.
  • The cushions used are made of high-quality K66 profile rubber which guarantees a consistent response to any ball that strikes them.
  • The playing surface is made of 1’’ thick Brazilian slate considered the best slate on the market for billiard tables.
  • The cloth is world-renowned IWAN SIMONIS or CHAMPIONSHIP cloth, the select choice of virtually all major pool tournaments and championships worldwide.

While each billiard table conforms to impressive standards, no two furniture pieces will ever be created alike because they are handmade and hand-decorated from the wood with its unique wood grain patterns. You will truly own a work of art!

Choose a Felt Color

After choosing your table, you are free to select any felt color you want. The felts we use is professional grade playing cloth.

Felt Color Options